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Appointment Only

We are appointment only. Visitors will need to call and schedule an appointment before coming in.

Citizen Safety & Animal Protection
The Amelia County Animal Shelter and Animal Control Office has two full-time and one part-time employee. The Animal Control Department utilizes a vast array of volunteers and volunteer groups to make the Amelia County Animal Shelter among the most efficient Public Shelters in the Commonwealth of Virginia at having animals adopted.

Consequently, in recent years, the Animal Control Department has become a multifaceted organization balancing citizen safety with animal protection. Last year Amelia housed approximately 300 animals. However, by maintaining a high degree of excellence, care and concern for our animals and their ultimate adoption, we can proudly say that we have become one of the top shelters of rural Virginia. Animal Control officers work closely with County Law Enforcement to enforce state laws and county ordinances as they apply to domestic animals.

The shelter includes six large dog runs, allowing us to house twelve (6) large dogs at one time. The shelter also has a puppy room with stainless steel rolling cages.

Also accepted are animals that are no longer wanted by their owner(s) providing space is available. The shelter does not accept aggressive animals or animals with a bite history. Strays are accepted before owner surrenders.

Emergency After Hours
Animal Control responds to calls after hours for emergencies only. It is an emergency if a domestic, farm, or wild animal is threatening the life or safety of a human. To report emergencies after hours, please call the Sheriff's Office at 804-561-2118. For non-emergencies, Animal Control can respond no sooner than the next day.

Calls for Service
Calls for service are prioritized by time, date and severity of call.
The Animal Control Officers do not handle wild animals or pick up feral cats.

Impounded Dogs
If your dog does not have identification, it will be kept for five business days. If the dog has not been claimed at the end of five days, the animal may be placed for adoption or otherwise disposed of. If the dog displays identification, the owner, if possible, will be notified of the impoundment and if no response, the animal may be placed for adoption or otherwise disposed of.

A $10 per day boarding fee will be assessed.


Contact Us

Brian Wootton
Senior Animal Control Officer

Amelia Animal Shelter
Email the Amelia Animal Shelter
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16565 Five Forks Road
Amelia, VA 23002


Phone: : 804-561-3878
Fax: : 804-561-6039

Shelter Hours
*By appointment only*
10 am to 6 pm

10 am to 3 pm

10 am to 6 pm

Thursday and Friday
10 am to 3 pm

*Dog confinement in Amelia County is usually from April 1st to May 31st every year. During this time, all dogs are required to be confined to the owner’s property or under the owner’s direct control if off their property. Dogs running free during this time are subject to being picked up even if they are wearing a current tag.
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