Amelia County Public Schools Mission Statement

With high expectations and equitable professional services, the Amelia County Public Schools will build positive relationships with students and community and assure attainment of high academic achievement, which exceeds all state and federal standards and provides all students with a foundation for the future.

Amelia County Public Schools

Private Education

Amelia Academy
Amelia Academy's mission is to educate the whole student including, but not limited to, ethical, intellectual and physical development. Our purpose is to develop in each student qualities of good character, leadership, scholarship and service. Opportunities are provided for each student to learn to think critically and to make intelligent choices. Our school stresses the importance of ethical behavior with emphasis on honor, integrity and personal responsibility.

We endeavor to prepare our students for all levels of education beyond secondary school so that each child will adapt to a rapidly changing world and make a worthwhile contribution to our democratic society. The Board of Directors, administration, faculty and staff believe that our students should view their youth as a time of accomplishment in which they greatly expand their knowledge of themselves, our nation and the world. We want our students to experience and cultivate an awareness of intellectual, physical, social and emotional development as important ingredients in the quality of life.

Our function is to challenge our students at all academic levels and to instill ethical, moral and democratic values. We believe our students need experiences in responsibility, critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, creativity, leadership, decision making and communicative skills.

Since our student population encompasses several communities, we utilize this diversity to broaden our students' horizons and help them develop an understanding of others. We also host selected foreign students who help enrich the cultural diversity of the Academy.