Staff Directory

The Sheriff's Office has a staff of 34 people to serve Amelia County. The breakdown is as follows:
  • Ricky L Walker, Sheriff
  • Chief Deputy
  • 2 Lieutenants
  • 2 Investigators
  • 3 Sergeants
  • 2 SROs
  • 13 road patrol units
  • 10 Communications Officers
  • 3 Civil Processors / Court Security
  • Administrative Staff Specialist
  • Secretary

Chief Deputy

Chief Deputy

Philip R. Siegle III

Philip R. Siegle III is second in command under the Sheriff. His daily duties consist of overseeing all day-to-day operations of the Sheriff's Office. He began his career with Amelia County in 2013 when he started as a Court Security and Civil Process Deputy. As his career continued, he was assigned as a patrol deputy and then Investigator. He has also served as the Sheriff’s Office Liaison to Amelia County Crime Solvers.

Chief Deputy Siegle has a Bachelor of Arts in History from Virginia Tech and a Master of Public Safety from University of Virginia. He also completed the requirements to obtain his Virginia Sheriff’s Institute certification and is a General Instructor through the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. Additionally, Chief Deputy Siegle has completed numerous training courses in investigations as well as crisis intervention (CIT).  He was promoted to Chief Deputy January 2024.



Christopher M. Atkins

Chris joined ACSO in 2016. He completed Civil Process/Courtroom Security and started in courts. He graduated BLE school and became a patrol road unit for 5 years. He was promoted to Sergeant in 2022 and then Investigations in 2024

He is certified UAV Drone Team; CIT (Crisis Intervention Training); Virginia School Safety; Active Threat Integrated Response; Basic Crime Scene Investigations; Project Lifesaver Search Specialists; Field Training Officer; Interview and Interrogation; Search and Seizure.

Investigators are responsible for the investigation of all serious crimes and any other crimes that require in-depth investigations. They handle crime scene processing, evidence collection, property storage and accountability. Prepare case files by conducting interviews/interrogations of witness’s suspects and victims.

Sherard K. Tisdale, II

Sherard received his Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice from Radford University and came to ACSO in 2022. He was certified law enforcement and began as a patrol road unit. He was Deputy of the Year in 2023 and promoted to Investigations in 2024.

He obtained certifications in CIT (Crisis Intervention Team); Drug Interdiction and Conducting the Complete Traffic Stop; ALERRT Basic Active Shooter; Drug Identification

Investigators are responsible for working with deputies within the Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement professionals to solve various crimes. They are tasked with narcotics and other strategic and tactical investigations. Heavily involved with outside agencies such as Internet Crimes Against Children and may be sworn as special agents at the state and federal levels.


Kyle Wooldridge
Kyle began his career as a Game and Inland Fisheries Conservation Police Officer in 2011 after graduating from Longwood University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice. He was hired by Amelia Sheriff's Office in 2016 as a patrol deputy and promoted to Sergeant in 2019.

Kyle's certifications include General Instructor, CIT (Crisis Intervention Team), Interview and Interrogation, Speed Measurement Operator, FST and SFST trained, Intoxilyzer EC/IR Breath Alcohol Operator as well as Boater and Hunter Education Instructor. He is also associated with the Virginia Police Benevolent Association

Justin E. Wargofcak
Justin began his career with Chesterfield Sheriff's Office as a Deputy in 2012, and was hired as an Amelia Deputy in 2013, assigned to patrol. Over time he worked hard to specialize as an instructor of Active Shooter, Taser Instructor, Hunter Education Instructor, and Stop the Bleed Instructor. He has specialized training in Tactical Combat Care AC, Intoxilyzer Breath Alcohol Operator, DUI standardize field sobriety, Certified Gang Specialist and SRO.

He is the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator and volunteers with Amelia County Fire Department. He is also a part-time police officer with Richard Bland College.

R. Wayne Jamerson
Wayne began his career with the Department of Corrections and graduated as an honor graduate. In 2014 he graduated from Basic Law Enforcement School receiving the Best Driving Award and Medal. His certifications include: Interviews and Interrogations, Radar Enforcement, Standard Field Sobriety Tests, Investigator, Sexual Assault, and is a Field Training Officer. As a Sergeant, he is responsible for full supervision, review and evaluation of road patrol units. He performs all duties as a patrol deputy and offers support to administration. He stays abreast of all training, calls for service, accident reports that keeps the patrol units in compliance with training and court schedules.


John R. Pollock Jr

John began his career with Amelia County Sheriff's Office in 2007 as a Patrol Deputy. Through diligence, dedication and hard work, he attained the rank of Patrol Sergeant in 2013, and completed First Line Level Supervisor I and II. Certified in Mental Health First Aid and works with Crossroads Community Service Board. Promoted to Lieutenant in 2020, he overseas both patrol sergeants and deputies which includes maintaining the certifications of all employed law enforcement, handles the collection of evidence as well as approves incident-based reports.
He has specialized training in Active Shooter and First Responder Operations in Rural Terrain as well as served as an Instructor and Field Training Officer. He is certified in Intoxilyzer EC/IR Breath Alcohol Operation and has training in Terrorist Bombings, Prevention/Response to Suicide Bombings, and Analyzing Gang/Suspicious Activity.

William R. "John" Edwards, III
John Edwards began his career in law enforcement with Virginia Capitol Police in 2003 as a patrol officer, then came to work for the Amelia Sheriff's Office in 2005 as a patrol deputy. He is responsible for vehicle speedometer calibrations, maintaining accurate records of the same for the Department. After nine years of committed service to the citizens of Amelia County he was promoted to Patrol Sergeant in June 2014, which entailed directly supervising a staff of patrol deputies, following up on their report requirements as well as responding to calls for service.
Due to his experience and expertise in law enforcement, he was promoted to Investigations in 2016. He then became a member of the Chesterfield Multi-Jurisdictional Grand Jury Authority and the Virginia State Police Multi-Jurisdiction Task Force. He was Promoted to Lt. December 2023.