Trespass Notice

Trespassing is defined as a person intentionally enters on to or remains on someone's property without permission or intentionally enters onto or remains on someone's property after being told not to (verbally/written). (See Virginia Code 18.2-119 for more information)

A Trespass Notification is an official written notice to a person(s) who does not have a legal right to be on your property. It will also notify the individual that their arrest and prosecution may result from their failure to comply with the notice.

Written Notice

  • You may write your own letter or use our Trespass Notice Form (PDF).
  • Make a copy of the letter/notice for your records. (one per person)
  • Mail a copy certified letter/return receipt requested to the offending party.
  • Save your receipt (proof of mailing).
  • Store the proof of mailing and delivery confirmation, when received, with your copy of the No Trespassing Notice.
  • Produce these documents to any deputy who responds to future complaints of trespassing involving the listed party.

If the offender/trespasser comes back to the property, contact the Sheriff's Office immediately. The documents will be required should any court proceedings arise from an arrest of the offender.


  • Do not confront the offender - call the Sheriff's Office.
  • File your documentation so it is readily available; to present to a deputy sheriff; for evidence in court proceedings (the Sheriff's Office does not maintain a file on Trespass Notifications).