Communications Office

Emergency 911 Communications Officer

An Emergency 911 Communications Officer can be defined as the link between the public and emergency service personnel, the first point of contact and the life line and the heart of the Sheriff's Office. If communication breaks down, many lives could be in danger.

Communication Officers perform a full range of radio and telephone operational duties in a 24-hour facility. Communications Officers are required to process and prioritize incoming emergency and non-emergency calls for law enforcement, fire and medical assistance. They are required to monitor several radio channels and update emergency responder logs in the computer-aided dispatch system. They also operate a variety of other communications equipment, including a mapping system and Com Link.

Communications Officers are also trained in Emergency Medical Dispatch, a program designed to assist in giving lifesaving instructions in a medical emergency. Communications Officers are also responsible for maintaining criminal warrant files, emergency protective orders and stolen item records in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC)/Virginia Criminal Information Network (VCIN) system.