Amelia County Vehicle Decal Information

In 2007, the Amelia County Board of Supervisors, in order to save County residents time and transportation costs, elected to allow Amelia residents to purchase “permanent vehicle decals”. Consequently, the last time our citizens had to stand in line to purchase a decal for their car, motorcycle, trailer or truck was April 15, 2007. 

As of May 19, 2021 Amelia County no longer requires its citizens to display a decal on each vehicle owned in the County with a valid State license plate, however, a license tax will be billed on their personal property bill.  This tax is based upon each vehicle, trailer, or motorcycle that has a valid state license plate as of January 1 for the billing year.   The fees are as follows:
  • $25.00 per vehicle and/or drivable RV
  • $6.50 for trailers less than 1500 pounds
  • $10.00 for trailers over 1500 pounds
  • $10.00 per motorcycle