Amelia Cares



In Amelia County, we believe that all citizens should be viewed as valued customers and treated in a manner which is responsive, courteous, and efficient. To this end the Amelia Cares program has been created to help improve customer service to all residents and citizens by providing a customer friendly service whose primary function is to respond to citizen complaints, issues, concerns and/or suggestions for any Amelia County Government Department, Office or Agency.  

Amelia Community Assistance Program:


 It is further, the intent and purpose of the Amelia Cares program to furnish information regarding the many community services offered throughout the County of Amelia and/or the beautiful Heartland Region through the Amelia Community Assistance Program. Through this dual effort, Amelia Cares strives to be a one stop shop where our citizens feel free and safe to conveniently contact County Offices for assistance from any Amelia County Government department/Office/Agency, to provide the County suggestions that could better meet the needs of our people, to secure assistance and help in addressing any community concern that our citizens may have and finally to provide residents with a convenient and comprehensive list of available community resources, programs and services as well as a convenient and timely means of obtaining direct contact information on each of these valuable and needed community programs and services.


Process and Procedure:


To meet these lofty goals, please be advised that after calls and/or e-mails are received, each contact will be assigned to the proper County Department, Office or Agency. Once the issue is reviewed and addressed, the Department/Office/Agency will notify the County Administrator's Office who in turn will notify the original caller/contact to let them know the outcome or status of their complaint/issue/suggestion.  For questions, concerns or suggestions please e-mail email image.  For specific complaints, citizens are encouraged to submit the attached form.


Thank you from Amelia Cares:


In closing, may I say as County Administrator that Amelia County is proud of our many valued employees, as well as its long standing relationship with the wonderful residents and citizens we so proudly serve. As such, it is our sincere hope that you will find the Amelia Cares program a valuable addition and welcomed addition to Amelia County’s customer service.


Contact Amelia Cares:


County Administrator's Office

16360 Dunn Street

 P.O. Box A

Amelia, VA  23002


Phone:   804-561-3039

Fax:       804-561-6039 


Hours:    Monday - Friday

               8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. 

Email:    email image





Thinking about fostering/adopting a child or children? 

Contact: Department of Social Services: 804-561-2681




Amelia County Food Pantry serves the residents of Jetersville - ZIP Code 23083

Contact: Reverend Frank Worsham

P.O. Box 68

21502 Patrick Henry Hwy.

Jetersville, VA  23083

Phone:  804-561-4650


Church of God by Faith serves the residents of Amelia -  ZIP Code 23002

Contact:  Reverend Edward Walls

P.O. Box 441

11670 Promiseland Road

Amelia, VA 23002

Phone:  804-561-1392


Angel Food Ministries

Amelia Church of God

Contact:  Angela Thompson

9001 Rocky Run Lane

Amelia, VA 23002

Phone:  804-561-3217