Christmas Tree Recycling

 December 13, 2017

Amelia County Department of Environmental Management 

    Enhance fish habitat and reduce waste by donating your discarded Christmas tree to the Department of Game & Inland Fisheries for use in the lake at the Amelia Wildlife Management Area after the holidays. The Department will place the old Christmas trees in the lake to provide protected breeding and nesting areas for the lake’s fish. 

    After Christmas, please remove all decorations and tinsel from your tree and deliver it to the Maplewood landfill or the Amelia Wildlife Management Area. Waste Management (WM) will provide a special area at the Maplewood landfill for collection of the trees from December 26th through January 8th. WM has also generously agreed to provide transportation of the Christmas trees to the Amelia Wildlife Management Area. 

    You can also take your tree directly to the Amelia Wildlife Management Area boat ramp parking lot at Amelia Lake. There will be a sign directing you where to place your tree. Please do not leave your tree where it will block the boat ramp.

    Everyone is encouraged to participate in this worthy program designed to foster our aquatic environment and reduce vegetative waste entering the landfill. This is our twenty-first year of recycling Christmas trees and we hope to continue it as an annual event. For more information about this program, contact the County of Amelia at 561-3004.