Department of Environmental Services

Ray York
Director of Environmental Resources

Patty Averett
Recycling & Litter Control Coordinator



Amelia County Recycles!


Because Amelia is too good to waste!


Ray York (Environmental Resource Manager) and Patty Averett(Litter Control and Recycling Coordinator) are responsible for inspections and code compliance at both the Maplewood Landfill (Waste Management) and County Green box sites, as well as, managing Amelia's extensive recycling program. Additionally, Ray and Patty conduct educational programs, manage the County's litter control grants, investigate litter complaints and conduct County wide cleanups, including the annual Spring Clean-up. The environmental Resource Office is located at 20221 Maplewood Road Jetersville and the office phone number is (804) 561-3004 or (804) 561-3039.

  • The Maplewood Landfill:  20221 Maplewood Road
  • Pleasant Grove:  14415 Dykeland Roads
  • Deatonville:  7761 S. Genito Road
  • Mannboro:  6701 Namozine Road
  • Ponton’s Store:  5141 Ponton's Circle 
  • The old County Landfill:  10200 Epps Lane

Reduce the amount of trash you create by becoming a selective shopper.
Reuse household items & garden clippings instead of discarding them.
Recycle by separating the trash you have left into like materials.
And remember to buy items made from recycled materials to "close the loop" on recycling!

Amelia County Recycling Information

The following materials can be recycled at any of the six trash collection/recycling centers (Greenbox Sites) located in Amelia County and listed above:

Commingled Recyclables means PLASTIC BOTTLES, ALUMINUM and METAL CANS, GLASS BOTTLES and JARS. You can collect all of these items together and recycle them at any of the county recycling bins. Put them in any of the compartments labeled "COMMINGLE".

Plastic Bottles. All plastic beverage containers with a #1 or #2 on the bottom. No plastic bags, toys, buckets, food tubs, egg cartons, plant pots, etc. Remove caps, rinse & flatten.

Aluminum and Metal Cans. All metal beverage and food containers. Rinse and recycle.

Glass Bottles and Jars. All brown, green and clear glass food & beverage containers. No mirrors, light bulbs, ceramic mugs or plates, automobile glass, drinking glasses, pottery, baking dishes or plexi-glass. Remove lids & rinse.

Newspaper & Mixed Paper All newspaper & mixed paper can be collected together (but separate from commingled recyclables) & can be placed in any county recycling bin compartment labeled MIXED PAPER

Please remember-recycle all daily, weekly & Sunday newspapers & any inserts; junk mail, magazines, catalogs, cereal boxes, & cardboard boxes. No waxed paper, tissues, towels, plates, cups or photographs. Break down boxes to conserve space. Paper bags are ok -

NO plastic bags, please!


Other Recycling Information

Several Amelia churches & non-profit groups also operate Newspaper only recycling bins.

For more information, call Amelia County Litter Control & Recycling Coordinator Patty Averett or Environmental Resource Manager Ray York at 561-3004.

Additional recycling opportunities. Large metal items such as appliances (or white goods) can be recycled at the Maplewood landfill. A special area at the public access area accepts stoves, washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, & air conditioners (no furniture, mattresses & box springs, TV’s or microwaves). Items containing freon (refrigerators, freezers & air conditioners) must have the freon removed by a licensed technician before bringing to the landfill.

Used motor oil & corrugated cardboard can also be recycled at the landfill. Check with the security guard for instructions.

Several area businesses also accept materials for recycling:

  • NAPA - automotive batteries
  • Food Lion - plastic bags
  • Recycle used computer printer cartridges at the County Administrator's office.

HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE (HHW) COLLECTION. The Amelia County Department of Environmental Services operates a permanent HHW collection program at the Maplewood landfill for safe disposal of Amelia County residents’ household chemicals. Items accepted include drain cleaners, oven cleaners, spot cleaners, tile cleaners, metal polish, solvents, turpentine, paint thinner, furniture strippers, pesticides, insecticides, pool chemicals, oil based paints & stains, etc. Unacceptable items include smoke detectors, explosives, asbestos, radioactive materials, or infectious wastes. Call 561-3004 for an appointment.


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