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 A. Taylor Harvie, III 

The Amelia County Board of Supervisors is pleased to announce that we have selected Armistead Taylor Harvey, III as the new County Administrator. Mr. Harvie is a lifelong resident of this community who served on the Board of Supervisors from 1992 to 2005. He is currently the owner and operator of Coverly Farm in the County and operates Coverly Company, a real estate appraisal firm.

While a member of the Amelia County Board of Supervisors, Mr. Harvie helped develop standards for the operation and monitoring of the Maplewood Landfill and served for 14 years as a member of the Landfill Advisory Committee. He has served on the Heartland Regional Council.  While serving on the Amelia County Board of Supervisors, he was a part of the building of a new elementary school, a renovation and addition to the middle school, and the conversion of the former Amelia County High School building into county offices. He was instrumental in the development of the county utilities system and created a helped staff the County Parks and Recreation Department.

Mr. Harvie currently serves as the chairman of the Amelia County Electoral Board and is a former board member of the Richmond Red Cross and the Saint Francis Hospital Advisory Board. He is married to Pamela Anderson Harvie and is the father of three children and the legal guardian of two other children. He is a member of Christ Episcopal Church in Amelia.

His employment was approved by the Amelia County Board of Supervisors at their January 19th meeting. Mr. Harvie will begin his work for Amelia on February 1st.

Franklin D. Harris, Chairman of the Amelia County Board of Supervisors made the following comment concerning Mr. Harvie`s appointment :    After a search lasting for five months, the Board of Supervisors has determined that the County will be best served by appointing one of our long time residents , Mr. Taylor Harvie, III, as our next administrator. The Board feels that Mr. Harvie has a unique combination of government experience and local knowledge to lead this community. We know that the Amelia community will join us in welcoming Mr. Harvie to his new position and work with him and us to move this community forward in this difficult economy. “



Posted on: 04/17/2014 04:15 PM

April 16, 2014 - Board of Supervisors Meeting Report
Continued Board Meeting- 6:00 PM
Regular Board Meeting –7:00 pm in the General District Courtroom
The Meeting opened with an Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance. 
The Meeting Agenda was amended to include the following items:
·        Memorandum of Understanding-Virginia Cooperative Extension
·        The Board approved a Resolution Endorsing Participation in the Virginia Juvenile Community Crime Control Act.
·        Budget discussion to approve date of advertising the FY15 budget.
The Board approved the following minutes:
·        March 19, 2014
·        April 30, 2008
·        May 29, 2008
·        June 12, 2008
·        July 16, 2008
The Board approved the March Treasurer’s Accountability Balance Sheet, Treasurer’s Revenue Summary, Expenditure’s Report and the AP Check Register.
The Board approved a supplement appropriation in the amount of $26, 575.00 to the FY14 Emergency Management budget to be reimbursed by grant funding, and $1972.00 to the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office from the State Asset Forfeiture fund.
David Whitaker, Director of Community Development, presented the monthly status report of VDOT activities in Amelia County. He discussed the Six-Year Plan and advised several projects have been completed, or are on schedule for completion. 
Crystal Smith, form VDOT gave a report on the status of current projects, and any immediate upcoming projects.
During the public comments on the Six year plan, residents expressed safety concerns for sections of Little Patrick Road. A citizen asked for help with Paulette Lane and was advised that the road originated in Nottoway County and concerns would have to be addressed in Nottoway County. The Board agreed to submit a Letter of Support to Nottoway County. 
A Resolution approving the secondary system construction budget priority list for Fiscal Year 2014-2015 and a Resolution approving the rural rustic road paving for 2014-2015 secondary system construction plan were approved by the Board.
The Board approved a County Stormwater Management Ordinance that will allow Amelia County to implement its own stormwater program based on the regulations of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Tim Sharff spoke during the comment period for the public hearing. He reiterated his complaint of the noise from the Hunt Club near his home and questioned why the Hunt Club was not required to have a Special Permit.
Donna Sharff spoke concerning the noise of the constant barking of the dogs housed at the Hunt Club, noting it was causing stress and lack of sleep.
Emily Marshall from Madeline’s House thanked the County for its support of the program and reported on the amount of residents that have utilized the program, either from community services or shelter assistance.
Mathew Brown spoke during the comment period for the public hearing. He expressed concerns over the increasing budget resulting in tax increases, and questioned the lack of budget cuts. He questioned if departments requesting increases in budgets had demonstrated “the utmost of fiscal responsibility with the tax dollars in the past” and “managed their current resources wisely”. He questioned whether Amelia County Sheriff’s Department needed the amount of Deputy Sheriffs that are on staff. 
 Taylor Harvie, County Administrator, notified the Board that Governor McAuliffe has rescinded HOPE Community Service designation as the community action agency for the counties it currently services.
The Board approved that STEPS would serve as the county’s designated homelessness prevention provider, and agreed to provide a signed Certification of Local Government Approval for Nonprofit Organizations Receiving ESG Funds From State Sub recipients form to be included with the grant application due by Friday, April 25, 2014.
The County Administrator’s Report reflected receipt of a revenue check of $54,113.77 for the month of March from Waste Management of Virginia and will be delivered to the County prior to April 20, 2014.
 Taylor Harvie shared a letter from Lawrence Ponder, Mayor of the Town of Marshall, NC offering thanks and a check for help received from the County’s Public Works Department with their Wastewater Plant.
Mr. Harvie informed the Board that the Commonwealth Transportation Board will conduct a public hearing at 6:00 p.m. on May 5, 2013 at VDOT-Central Office Auditorium located at 1221 East Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia, to give citizens the opportunity to review and pride comments on projects and programs for the Six Year FY2015-2020 Improvement Program.
Finance Director, Carla Cave, gave the revised Budget numbers to be published on April 24, 2014. A public budget meeting was set for May 8, 2014.
District #2 Supervisor Judy M. Jones, stated she will be attending the Virginia Association Community Services Board meeting as Vice Chairman for the Process Community Services Board April 30 thru May 2, 2014. She also mentioned the Piedmont Senior Resources Review received an accommodation letter from Secretary Hazel’s Deputy commending them for their accomplishment for the year.
District #4 Supervisor Carroll Barnard asked if a contribution to the Madeline’s House could be included in the FY 15 budget. He also suggested the County support the residents of Paulette Lane with a letter of support to Nottoway County.
Mr. Harvie informed the Board that Supervisor Judy Jones and School Board member, Glen Wilkerson are having a community meeting for District #2 at the Mattoax Volunteer Fire Department on Thursday, April 17 at 7 PM. Ray York and Bo Lynch will present a slide show featuring County and School Operations. This community meeting is open to all residents of Amelia County and any other interested persons. 
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. 

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